Version 1.0



  • Project documents
  • WBS
  • Draft Estimation
  • Final Estimation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Master Schedule
  • Master Project team
  • Q&A
  • Project Folder (Server)
  • Project team
  • Detail Schedule
  • Development Environment
  • Weekly Report
  • Progress Sheet
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Change Request Report
  • Deadline Report
  • Lesson Learnt


# Templates Explanation Creator
1 Project Description Describe project overall: project charter, risk, constraints, milestone, project organization. Sale + Solution Manager
2 WBS Work Breakdown Structure defines all deliverables to customer. Deliverables are hierarchically divided and refined into small work items. Work items are inturn able to be divided into smaller activities. Sale + Solution Manager
3 Internal Estimation Where all the cost will be taken into accounts. Sale
4 External Estimation Just showing cost customer can see benefit they will get after paying. Sale
5 Risk Analysis Brainstorming all risks might happen in project and prepare responsive actions. Cost for risk responses will be used for estimation. Solution Manager
6 Master Schedule Define milestone of project Sale + Solution M
7 Master Project Team Define how many members and what skills are needed for project execution. Sale + Solution Manager
8 Q&A A sheet to confirm requirements with customer. Solution Manager
9 Project Folder Create project folder on server. Server Admin
1 Fix Project Team Project Organization PM
2 Detail Project Schedule Project detail schedule PM
3 IDE Description Technical description of what integration development environment is used. PM
1 Weekly Report PM collects information, fill up in to report and submit to manager every Fridays PM
2 Progress Sheet Update percentage of work or function completion PM
3 Meeting Minutes Meeting notes to be sent to customer after meetings PM
4 Change Request Report Log Change Request and report to manager. Get approval for execution. PM
5 Deadline Report Used for 7days before deadline project, submit report everyday in last week. PM
1 Lesson Learnt Record what we have learnt from project execution. PM


# Checkpoints Explanation Check List
1 CP1: Handshake Project implementation is decided and assigned to PM. This checkpoint is to transfer project information to PM for real implementation. Handshake Check List
2 CP2: KickOff Project Preparation has been completed and ready to start. This check point is to confirm everything before starting project implementation. Kickoff Check List
3 CP3: Close Project Implementation has been completed and product has been delivered to customer. This checkpoint is to clarify remaining items and prepare after-project support Project Closing Check List


Presale Document Created / Updated
RESPONSIBLE Sale person, PM(BrSE), Technical Leader
TAKS LIST 1. Get requirements from customer, confirm requirements by Q&A and create WBS. Q&A
2. Get project constraint: Time, Cost -> Create Master Schedule and Master Project Team Master Schedule
Master Project Team
3. Implement project risk analysis Risk Analysis
4. Create internal estimation Internal Estimation
5. Create external estimation and negotiate with customer External Estimation
6. Describe project overall Project Description
7. Ask server administrator to create project folder on dev server. Upload all project documents to server
8. Implement CP1 to transfer project to PM


Initialization Document Created / Updated
RESPONSIBLE PM (BrSE), Technical Leader (optional), members
TAKS LIST 1. Receive all project documents from Presale phase. Use handshake checklist to verify documents and submit checklist to 4. Write Lesson Learnt to note whatever good or bad points you got during project execution and submit to and get approval from manager. Update Handshake Checklist
2. Acquire team members and create a clear project team chart Detail Project Team
3. Assign members to read project documents, review risk assessment, add or update if needed Update Risk Assessment
4. Discuss with team members and build up a detail project schedule Detail Project Schedule
5. Create development environment (IDE). Write IDE description document. IDE Description
6. Fill information in Kickoff Checklist and submit to to get approval from manager. Project Description


Implementation Document Created / Updated
RESPONSIBLE PM (BrSE), Technical Leader (optional), members
TAKS LIST 1. Implement system analysis. Create usecase, function diagram, function activity, ER, Table List Usecase, FD, Function Activity, ER, table list
2. Divide WBS into work items and assign to members Update schedule
3. Develop modules, create testcase if necessary Testcase
4. Status meeting everyday, update progress sheet Update Progress Sheet
5. Gather information and make Weekly Report, submit to Weekly Report
6. Implement Test Test log
7. Manage change request. Submit change request to manager if the request takes more than 1 day to do. Implement Change Request if approved. Change Request
8. Update documents during project execution System documents, risk, schedule
9. 7 days before deadline, PM needs to submit Deadline Report to in addition to Weekly Report Deadline Report


Closing Document Created / Updated
RESPONSIBLE Sale, PM (BrSE), Technical Leader (optional), members
TASK LIST 1. Deliver product to customer. Write and update any documents needed for maintaining project
2. Verify remaining items and prepare after-project support team.
3. Fill up information in Project Close Checklist and submit to 4. Write Lesson Learnt to note whatever good or bad points you got during project execution and submit to Project Closing Checklist
4. Write Lesson Learnt to note whatever good or bad points you got during project execution and submit to Lesson Learnt
5. Sale asks customer for final acceptance and execute contract payment